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Dandelion, 19 image stack to increase selective focus

Close up image of a Carnation

A polished limestone egg with a Beech shoot growing from the top

A single Daffodil growing in grass with a white background

A view over Birker Fell to Harter Fell, Yew Bank and Hard Knott in the English Lake District


view close up
A desktop PC with grass growing out of the keyboard

Three Daffodils growing in grass with a white background

A common or Harbour Seal relaxing on a beach

A slice of tomato backlit to show internal structure

Lines of maize growing in a field

Gallery Notes
Most of the prints in this gallery are also available for editorial or commercial usage. Licencing options can be found by visiting my collection of stock images at Alamy (click on the Alamy logo below). Vise versa, if you see any images in my Alamy collection that aren't available here as a print then please get in touch and prints can be supplied.

Stock photography by Paul+Williams at Alamy Stock photography by Paul Williams at Alamy